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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a nation in mourning tonight. the day after nearly 30 people were killed at an elementary school in connecticut. tory dunnan joins us from newtown with new information on the victims. most of those killed. kindergarten and first graders just 6 and 7 years old. tory? >> president obama will travel on sunday to meet with first responders and families of the victims. it has been a difficult time they learn to the people were killed yesterday. most of them. children just 6 and 7 years old. we can now put names and faces to those killed at sandy hook elementary school. among them, 27-year- victoria soto. her family says she died trying to protect her students.
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robbie parker lost his daugter emilie. >> "she always had something kind to say about anybody. she is an incredible person and i am so blessed to be her dad." the state medical examiner said he believes all the graders as police continue to search for evidence in the school, the community is trying to figure out just how to cope. " when tragedies like this occur, people often look for answers, an explanation of how this could have occurred. but the sad truth is, there are no answers. no good ones, anyway." "the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school is a stark contrast to the feel you get walking thru this picturesque town. it almost feels like a norman rockwell been one homicide in the last ten years." police say 20-year-old adam lanza, seen here in a photo from 2005.killed his mother in her newtown home, then forced his way into the school friday, and opened fire, killing children and adults. lanza's aunt says she never imagined he could do such a thing. he was different, he was quiet, nice kid, good kid. in a statement, lanza's family says they share the grief of the community and the nation. for the first time, we are
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family of the suspected gunman behind the sandy hook elementary school massacre. adam lanza's aunt described him to reporters at her home in illinois. >> i know she had issues with school, she eventually wound up homeschooling him, she battled with the school district, in what capacity i'm not 100% certain, if it was behavior, if it was learning disabilities, i really don't know but he was a very very bright boy, he was smart. >> the police investigation continues they are finding very good evidence that the school and at the mother's home the plan on being on campus for a least one more day. ford least possibly two more days >>this just in to the kron 4 news room education officials have feet seemed no lien tran the mother in the school. that was contrary that she was a teacher they believe that
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the shooter attended there as a child. >> for the first time we're hearing from the family is and it described him to reporters in illinois. >> i know she had issues with school. she was fond of home schooling him, and paddled with the school district. in what capacity and not certain. if it was peter, learning disabilities i really do not know because he was a very, very bright for. he was smart police say adam lanza was not known to police prior to known criminal record. the father of the suspected gunman, adam lanza. is peter lanza. he released a statement earlier today. it reads in part. "our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by thishe continues to say. "no words can truly express how heartbroken we are" and that whatever answers we can." >> candlelight vigils were
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held across the country tonight to remember the victims of the school shooting. kron four's jeff bush was with a group in san francisco and talked to people directly affected by gun violence and this weeks shooting. several dozen gathered at the playground in dolores park at sundown. it was a fitting place to remember the young lives that were lost on friday. reading of names. everyone was clearly moved by the east coast mass murder but stephanie dalton had a heavier heart than most. stephanie dalton knew one of the victims i work with jazz muscians and a very dear friend of mine, jazz saxaphonist, jimmy greene, who is a very beautiful person who's five year old girl, ana greene was lost. >> stephanie could not contain her emotion when she showed me the picture of her friend's daughter. >> ana was just bright and full and what everybody told me she had the whole world with two loving parents and a father who writes and plays the most beautiful music. >>reporter: megan scully has also been directly affected by a mass shooting. megan scully shooting >> i lost my brother at 101 california 20 years ago to a similar incident. he was shot by a tech, dc 9 crazed
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man who also shot himselfonly took down eight people that time. >>reporter: stephanie and megan say something has to be done. >> how many more? all were of the gun yields mass killing. >>reporter: the people who took the time out of their saturday to come here in the cold and rainy weather say that it was important to do so not only to remember those who were lost but to open a dialog and say they never want to see something like this happen again. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. ramif >> there were some tense moments in the nob hill neighborhood of san francisco this evening. california street was shut down just after 6:30 and police were negotiating with a suspect who was holed up in his apartment. police had suspect had a gun and may have had a hostage. >> a neighbor overheard some type of domestic dispute occuring with his next door neighbor. he, then, attempted to make
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contact with the neighbor. the neighbor made some credible threats that he may have weapon. the neighbor then called the police and advised us of the situation and our officers responded. they attempted to make contact and they believed this person may potentially have a weapon. >> negotiators were successful. the suspect peacefully surrendered to police around ten o=clock and was taken into custody. >> a cold and wet today temperatures only in the 40's. we do have rain to deal with and most of its has left with there are still spotty showers. here is stormtracker 4. notice, the self baitsel-the south bay h these of occasional brief showers from time to time.
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rainfall totals will be relatively light. antioch at one-quarter of 1 in. of the significant story is how cold it is with 20's and 30's. only 42 degrees in fairfield and san jose. for tonight, look for mostly cloudy skies and the keys to light showers. the possibility of more rainfall next week details. coming up next. shots fired at a southern the connecticut school tragedy.
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tragedy. police arrested a man who fired about 50 shots in the parking lot of a southern california shopping mall. it prompted several stores to lockdown. authorities say marcos
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gurrola fired shots into the air and the ground before police took him into custody. no one was hurt. but the gunfire did cause a scare. coming just a day after the connecticut school tragedy. and days after the deadly mall shooting in oregon. we will have more on the connecticut tragedy, not after this.
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>> one of the children who did not come home from school in newtown, connecticut - six her father - robbie parker - wanted to let others know about the little girl he lost to a gunman. and he talked of.forgiveness. >> my family is one of the family's lost a child in yesterday in the sandy hook elementary tragedy. i have been contacted by so many people in the agency's wanting to know how we are doing. and i thought that this would be the best way to share those feelings with everybody. first of all, i would like to offer of work deep condolences to all the families that are directly affected by this tragedy. it is a horrific tragedy and we want to know that our hearts and prayers go out to them. this includes the family of the shooter. family was bright, creative and very
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loving. she was willing to try new things, other than food. she loved to use her talents to touch the lives of others with an exceptional artist and. around her markers and pencils. she would never miss an opportunity to draw a pencia picture or a card for somebody around her. noticed people feeling sad and was rush to find a piece of paper. or to write them an encouraging note. she could light up a room. she always had something kind to say about anybody. and her love and to the strength that she showed what she showed us
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that she is an incredible person. i am so blessed to be heard dad. >> we're learning more about the victims, in friday's connecticut school massacre. like emilie, all of the 20 children were only six or seven years old. the parents of a six-year- old student who witnessed friday's shooting massacre describe how their son is doing. they say their son was in the classroom with the shooter. and he was able to escape the room and run to safety. the boy's teacher was vicki soto. she died in the classroom protecting her students from the gunfire. the boy's mother recalls the moments before she knew whether her son was okay. >> when you are standing there waiting and no one will tell you anything, it is just an indescribable feeling of helplessness. we are very lucky because i think i was there an hour and then the group stopped coming and i just knew noone else was coming out of that school, i just knew in my heart and i actually received a text from a
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friend said that he at the police station and he was safe there and he was one of the groups of kids that ran, that got out. >> the couple's daughter also attends the school, and is also safe tonight. >> tonight the people of newtown are coming out in huge numbers to remember the victims of yesterday's tragedy. kron 4's alecia reid has the latest. >> this sea of people came out for a candlelight vigil honoring the 27 year-old, victoria soto they are calling her a hero. there were other candlelight vigils and connecticut this one outside of this church hundreds of people signed a morals and signs like " god bless the family's " all of rome, with flowers being constantly brought. a family
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friend who knew that something was terribly wrong when he could not get in touch with the parents of one of the victims. >> i thought that something was unusual. they did not respond. and the chief medical examiner is calling this the worst but he is ever seen in his career. while this close-knit community search for answers is a time for them to comfort each other. >> i do not think that there are words i think it is coming to these memorials and being close from one family to another. and to be in their with hugs i do not think that there are words. >> we're here with love, support for the families that have suffered the trau terribl loss. this is a strong and caring place to
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put our arms around them and each other and find a way to heal. >> right now they might not have the words to console but they believe this morals will share their pain and are here to support them. alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> the horror at sandy hook elementary. no doubt difficult for let alone children. kron four's philippe djegal jons us now with how doctor's say you should talk to your kids about the shooting. philippe. norman is a child psychologist sign that they are aware of what happened. >> "children do know what happened in this era of 24/7 news coverage." so, child psychiatrist and director of the young adult and family center at u-c-
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s-- parents should talk to their kids. find out how much your child knows about the newtown shooting. to wait until your kids approach you. the situation. body language. if they act out of the ordinary -- talk them through their discomfort. >> "it's very natural children will fear school. but of course, children have to go back to school." >> doctor norman says escorting your child to school the first few days back is a good idea. ease them back in. at the safe time, keep them away from television and the internet for a while. >> "children should not watch the same images over and over again. that re- enforces the traumatic imagery in their minds and traumatizes them." >> and, as terrible as the shooting was. norman says it can be used as a learning lesson. "parents should be mindful of reassuring their children, but not promising them a non-realistic sense that it can never ever happen to them or anybody ever again. only that thank the heavens it's a very very rare event, and for every horrible person who committs there are many more good people." norman says kids who have been exposed to excessive violence in the past. may be the most at risk here. if talking doesn't help. seek professional guidance.
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ana was just bright and full police were negotiating with have had a hostage. coming up next.
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adults to grasp. >> police and youth group held a gun buy back program in the east bay -- just a day after the school shooting massacre. nearly two hundred cars with guns in their trunks waited hours to turn in guns for cash saturday afternoon in oakland. it was one of the most succesful gun by back programs ever held in the city. for each gun turned in, the owner received two hundred dollars for as many as three guns. one gun off the street is good but the whole back side of a paddy wagon is even better. more than two hundred firearms were removed from the streets of the city. >> the satellite showing that we are relatively clear. but clear for the rain for now. as we see this system is from the gulf of alaska is going towards the
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bay area tomorrow night here is the forecast model at midnight. notice, some scudder scattered eyes lit showers. >> isolated--showers. that chance of isolated showers will decrease to mar of june. this next system by tomorrow--afternoon. that will be spreading south bound for the overnight hours. the morning commute on monday look for periods of light rain it will taper off by midday. and we will have partial clearing as to go towards the afternoon. there rainfall totals are relatively light with one- quarter of 1 in.. temperatures will be coolest in the north bay. upper 30s in the east bay. and not as cold today with 50s. and
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monday, the chance for rain the heaviest will be in the morning with the dry conditions return on tuesday, wednesday. it is going to be cold. temperatures in the 20's. the next chance for that on monday we will be back.
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>> there are reports house speaker john boehner proposed raising taxes for earners making more than one-million-dollars. a source says and c-n-n reports president obama has nominated senator john kerry to replace clinton as secretary of state. a formal announcement could come as early as next week. the expected nomination follows u-n ambassador susan rice's decision to withdraw her name from consideration. she dropped out of the running thursday after weeks of criticism from republicans about statements she made on the septemeber benghazi attack. secretary of state hillary clinton will be spending the next few days at home after
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